Thursday, August 22, 2013


OK guys!  SO...  Before school starts I've been rearranging all my stuff, cleaning out the closet, making space for dancing, space for sewing, and space for more crochet designs!!! YESSSS!

So with that... I have a ton of stuff in my crochet junk bin that I am just dying to get rid of!  Think of it as a Sans Limites Crochet Sample Sale - slightly dated designs, slightly funky fitting designs, and ideas I had that just didn't turn out so well...  now for sale for little more than the cost of the yarn it took to make them.  I just want this stuff out of my house!!!

Little things (necklaces and headbands) are $1 to $5!!!
Hats are for sale $5 to $10!!!
Cowls and neck warmers for sale $10 to $15!!!
And I'm listing some clothing pieces today (tanks, shorts, dresses) for I don't know how much yet, but I'm feeling generous.
(Add shipping costs to all orders!)

There is no way you will find handmade items for less than this ANYWHERE... I truly just want them gone!  They'll probably be headed to Goodwill or a charity organization if they are not bought within a month...

Forgive the terrible pictures!  Hope you all are ready to go back to school!  WOO HOO!!!

Also... I chopped 5 inches off my hair... glad that stuff is gone!

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