Monday, August 12, 2013

Summers are too short...

Hi all!

Wow what a whirlwind the last month has been!  Since finishing my textiles class, I put crochet borders on a ton of shorts, and dresses, and skirts... and even did a DIY with leggings that turned out pretty cute that I hope to share with you ASAP.  I also completely cleaned out my closet, and painted the basement and rearranged all my furniture to create a dance/workout space and a workspace for crocheting and working with fabric for my graduate thesis project.

THEN... I took an epic roadtrip to see the new baby in the family and hit up 6 national parks and 2 Navajo parks along the way, but I did ALL the driving and my legs are still cramping a bit.  My favorite travel pictures are included below...

Now I'm working on a couple new patterns I want to get out to you AND getting ready for school to start again.  This year is going to be CRAZY.  I'm taking a full load of graduate classes and trying to resist the urge to add one more (there is just too much cool stuff to learn).  Also, super pumped to TA the Product Development class I took in the Spring and loved so much.  I'm also planning out some dance classes I'll be teaching, and choreography I'm working on for the Nutcracker, and dancer competition season.  ALSO... if you live in or around Northern Colorado, come take crochet class from me!!!  I'm teaching at My Sister Knits starting in October... lots of fun projects I'm getting started on for that.  AND working on my thesis when I have the time cause that should be pretty awesome...  and by now I'm getting a little worried that I won't have enough time to work on Sans Limites Crochet patterns...  so they may come slowly... but hopefully they'll be better quality.

How has YOUR summer been going?  What are you guys working on?  Are you excited for Fall?


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ceilithe said...

gorgeous photos!! looks like you're having a blast :)