Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello online world!

Sans Limites Crochet is a very VERY small crochet company run by me, Sara Dudek - with help from my family and friends. I love making cute hats, dresses, and trendy crocheted everything so I sell it here and there. I am a full time student as well... so new items come slowly, but they are definitely worth checking out... this blog is dedicated to yarn, patterns, and general crochet awesomeness for all fiber arts enthusiasts!

Up until now, Sans Limites Crochet has only been found at the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market, the Park Silly Sunday Market and the Sugarhouse Art and Craft Market. All that is about to change!!! With any luck... in the next week or so, Sans Limites will be available online! Keep checking back for updates on how you can buy awesome hats and other crocheted gear with the click of your mouse. In the meantime... I'm getting the word out with a facebook fan page! Search for Sans Limites Crochet on facebook!

Sans Limites Crochet was named after the famous Isadora Duncan quote, "My motto - sans limites!" Sans limites is French for "without limits," an awesome reminder of all that can be accomplished. Isadora Duncan was a pioneer in the world of modern dance. She rebelled against the strict structure of ballet and developed barefoot dancing - what would later become modern dance! She believed in natural beauty, admired the natural flow of the ancient Greeks, and is most commonly remembered for her use of accessories... a very very long scarf in particular which, combined with a convertible, ultimately caused her death.

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