Monday, September 20, 2010

Ralph Lauren's vision of Spring 2011

I got a bit of a seasonal jolt when I heard about this. Here I am excited for Fall and Ralph Lauren is creating for Spring 2011! I don't usually think that far ahead... but wow am I excited for Spring!!!

Normally, I see a fashion show and think the clothing is beautiful and artistic... but so far out there. There's no way you would see someone walking down the street in what they wear on the catwalk. But this collection is different. For the most part all things I would love to wear if I could... beautiful browns, beiges, and whites... with plenty of fringe, ruffles, lace and... CROCHET!!!

Such beautiful crochet pieces! Explore this collection with Ralph Lauren! You can also watch a film listening to his inspiring words about creating, art, and fashion. I love it!

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