Monday, October 4, 2010

Colorado Felt and Fiber Arts

So I've been talking lately about how much I love crafting because of its amazing community and the power and creativity that women bring! Time to mention a powerful and creative woman that I admire with all my heart - my mom - Kay. She's inspired me in countless ways, but her crafting abilities, I'm sure, will awe and amaze you. She recently started an Etsy shop - Colorado Felt and Fiber Arts - and the things she makes truly will inspire you. She takes crafting to a whole new level - what she makes is art. It's absolutely beautiful!

My mom has always been a crafting inspiration. When I was a kid, she started taking a knitting class. I loved the things she brought home and decided I wanted to learn, so she signed me up! When I was super little - maybe 4th grade? - we took a crochet class together. We were learning to make a beach bag. I decided I wanted mine to be a backpack instead. She helped me figure out how to stray from the pattern and make what I wanted - thus pattern creating began (Thanks, Mom!). When I was in 6th grade or so she came and taught my girl scout troupe to crochet... every time I forgot about stitching, she drew me back in with the awesome things she made and I'm so glad she did!

Now - I stopped after learning to knit and crochet (already so much to do with just those two skills!), but my mom knows how to do it all -knit, crochet, spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting ... the woman is amazing. Even now, when I need some good "mom time" we each sit down with a ball of yarn. I love it!

Thank you Mama Kay, for all your amazing inspirations!!! Love you!

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