Tuesday, October 5, 2010


As a crafter, I truly believe as much love should go into your display as each item you make! This is something I have slowly slowly slowly been improving on. My marketing skills are not quite up to par with my crochet skills.

I spent 2 hours spray painting some racks so that I will have a more unified display at Art Market this weekend. I was covered in paint, had a pointer finger that went numb - and still is a bit, and was completely intoxicated by the fumes.

I also printed new pictures for my picture frame, recruited a cute IKEA mirror that normally sits on my bedside table, purchased a new classy table cloth, and made new business cards! YAY!

Here are the pictures of my set up, but if you want to see it in person, stop by Art Market at the Sugarhouse Garden Center (1602 East 2100 South) today from 10AM to 5PM!

And here are the pictures included in the photo frame.

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