Sunday, November 7, 2010


Dearest crafting community.... or at least the few that read this blog.

I'm giving you all a totally wicked awesome project to work on!

For those that don't know, this past summer I spent a month in Uganda, East Africa. It was the experience of a lifetime and I learned so much about myself, the world, humanity, and a person's ability to persevere! More than anything it made me unbelievably grateful for the incredibly privileged life I have lived.

Uganda has had a rough history... Films such as The Last King of Scotland, War/Dance, Invisible Children, and I am Because We Are (Watch this entire film on Youtube here) all show true stories of corrupt leaders, civil wars, rebel attacks, child soldiers, the AIDS epidemic, poverty, and orphans (Uganda currently has 2.5 million children without parents). Yet, in the face of unbelievable suffering, these people persevere... and are truly the most amazing and inspiring people I have ever had the privilege to meet in my 23 years on this earth.

While in Uganda, I was able to take part in some interviews with women suffering from incontinence in a mountainous area called Kapchorwa in a very poor hospital that often loses electricity. The same group I traveled with is returning again this summer to try and give these women a better life.

I was recently given this information... copied and pasted from a flier.

I rarely have heard of crafting being used in such a totally awesome way! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread this like wild fire and make a square! I have met these women, they are amazing, they deserve a better life, and those Ugandan mountains can get cold (I know)!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this! And check out this follow up blog to see pictures of where these blankets will be headed - HERE.


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