Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Embracing Change

So... long time no post... and I've done a truly terrible job of keeping up with my summer promise... BECAUSE... I think I'm moving!

Although I have loved (LOVE LOVE LOVE) stitching and promoting Sans Limites Crochet this year, I have been feeling a bit unhappy and restless in Salt Lake City. It has been a wonderful 6 years there, and it is a city I absolutely adore, but I'm craving some change and a new adventure.

So this week I'm exploring Denver for some new opportunities - wish me luck! OF COURSE Sans Limites Crochet is coming with me... the apartment search has definitely included the search for a yarn closet! BUT... the next few weeks I will be a bit nomadic, and without a constant source of yarn... so Sans Limites is slowing down a little - just a little - and for a very short while.

Happy summer! Happy adventures! Happy change!
This is an awesome reader quote from the Free People blog, and it captures my exact thoughts at the moment!


Irina said...

What a great post! Just came across your blog and fell in love with it immediately! You have amazing sense of style!!!
Check out my blog and follow if you like it, I will do the same in return!
Hope to see you soon!

Maddalena said...


SILVIA said...

beautiful style honey!!!great blog