Friday, January 20, 2012

On the Road... Part 1.

I'm hitting the road today. My little car is packed up with as few clothes as I could manage (I love my clothes a little too much), an army bag of blankets, my sewing machine, crochet hooks, knitting needles, my favorite stitching books, and some yarn (of course).

Oh yeah... and Mom. Mama Kay is in there too so she can keep me company on the drive, visit the Cali fam, and have a 55th birthday celebration road trip. Happy Birthday, mommy love!

Why am I heading out to California (and leaving my Rocky Mountain loves behind)? Because of this... read this LETTER TO YOU!

So if I can, to keep up this blog, I'm going to post about all I'm listening to in the car... cause it's also what I really like listening to while I stitch... so here ya go... beginning the while you stitch/drive blog roll now...

First thing I'll be listening to and loving in the car is THIS... the new Black Keys Album, El Camino. Here are some of my favorite tracks... definitely an album worth buying!

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