Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Ruffle Shirt DIY

So after making this really fun Ruffle Sweater DIY (which I love!) I was left with some extra ruffle. I really love the lace ruffle I bought and feel I must use it up. So I made this shirt and this is how you can too!

You will need:

- An old white button up collared shirt. I still have an old one from my high school days that I'm using that has lost it's magical white- which is perfect for being paired with some cream colored lace ruffle.

- Some ruffle - which you can buy like I did OR make. Great crochet patterns for ruffle can be found in Interweave Press Crochet Edgings and Trims on page 54 (the Scroll Ruffle), page 62 (the Filet Ruffle), and page 66 (the Bell Ruffle). You will need TWO pieces about 10 inches long each.

- Pins
- Needle and thread in a matching color

* Note, if you are stitching your ruffle from one of the patterns mentioned above, make sure to use a nice, light weight yarn that hangs nicely. Worsted weight cotton will be too heavy, and worsted weight acrylic is going to stick out and not drape so well. I would recommend my FAVORITE yarn for stuff like this Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I know the price is a little painful. But some projects just require good yarn, and making ruffles is one of those projects. You won't regret it!

And the next part is really simple. Take your ruffle and your shirt, and pin the ruffle to the shirt on each side of the button up. Then take your needle and thread and sew that puppy on there. And TA DA! You have a very cool ruffle shirt!

This looks great on its own OR paired with a button up cardigan. HOORAY!

Email me at with questions and Happy Stitching!

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