Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Yarn... Happy Day

Most of the money I make from pattern sales goes right back into buying yarn to write more patterns. Not a huge money making endeavor, but at least my addiction is being funded.

Knitting Warehouse is my go to site for great deals on yarn. (Don't you LOVE getting great deals on yarn???) But this weekend Michael's was having a yarn sale AND I had a %25 off coupon. I know, dangerous. I started with a basket then moved on to a cart, and then almost had to get a second cart... but oh the money I saved on yarn I needed anyway!

AND... the last Harry Potter movie came out. Stitch marathon plus HP marathon= one very happy weekend. Hope yours was as enjoyable!

PS I have a few more how to ideas I want to post here soon... there just is not enough stitching hours in the day!

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